AAW Course Content

We go above and beyond driver's ed
The consumer’s level of expectations for any driving program has decreased over the years.  Parents and students alike express concern about the value and effectiveness of most driver’s ed programs. Part of this disappointment is because parents expect “driver’s ed” to cover things it’s not designed to cover.

There are two types of driving conditions; Normal Driving Conditions and Emergency Driving Conditions. Driver’s ed covers “Normal Driving Conditions” (what the lines mean, what the signs mean, what the laws are and how to operate the vehicle) to prepare them for their driver's test.  The Accident Avoidance Workshops covers “Emergency Driving Conditions” (what to do when everything goes horribly wrong) to prepare them to survive potentially fatal accidents.  (For more information on the differences between Normal and Emergency Driving Conditions, go to www.NationalDefensiveDrivingInstitute.org).

Why choose the Accident Avoidance Workshops
The Accident Avoidance Workshops is a dynamic program, evolving as we research crash statistics and collect parent requests.  We continuously fine-tune the curriculum to meet the needs and demands of today’s drivers and today's driving environment.

Drivers only control two dynamics of the vehicle: Speed and Direction.  We train drivers to stand the best chance of surviving a potentially fatal Emergency Driving Condition, by maximizing on the braking and maneuverability of their vehicle without losing control of it.  We help them understand their vehicle's limitations AS WELL AS their own limitations.

Unlike a manufacturer-sponsored program, your student will use their own vehicle during the Accident Avoidance Workshops.  You will be asked before the classroom session what type of vehicle you will be bringing to the Workshops.  That is so our instructors can familiarize themselves with the acceleration and deceleration rates, steering geometry and turning radii of your student’s vehicle.  Therefore, the instruction your student receives will be directly relevant to their specific vehicle.

The Accident Avoidance Workshops provides training, instruction and/or exercises in the following areas:

Dropping 2-wheels off the side of the road / overcorrection
Accident situation simulation
Maximum acceleration in a controlled environment
Maximum deceleration, both wet and dry conditions
Positioning yourself in the vehicle
Following distance determination
Distracted driving
Lane positioning
Parking space navigation
Learning where the corners of the vehicle are
Maximizing on maneuverability / rapid steering

After graduating from the Accident Avoidance Workshops, your student will have demonstrated, or shown they know how to master the skills necessary so that when faced with an Emergency Driving Condition, they will be capable of stopping their vehicle as quickly as physically possible, maximizing on its maneuverability, and never once losing control of themselves, or their vehicle.

We feel every driver should have this ability before being permitted to drive on public roads where their lives and others depend on this basic proficiency.