Goals of the Program

Whether building confidence in new drivers, or knocking the hot-rods down a few pegs, the Accident Avoidance Workshops’ goal is to save lives by positively impacting new drivers’ development of their decision making abilities and physical skills necessary to maximize on their own vehicle’s capabilities without losing control of their vehicle, or themselves.  We aim to remove the inherent communication barriers between parents and students on the subject of driving, and rebuild or strengthen the rapport and relationship between them, thereby making the parents more comfortable with their student’s competence behind the wheel.  We will provide each student and parent with the personal and specific training that is unique to their learning style and equipment.  Our mission, simply is to completely, and forever change both new and experienced driver’s attitudes towards driving.

Help parents do everything they can to prevent getting the dreaded phone call at 2:00 in the morning.

Provide students with the physical skills and decision making abilities necessary to avoid the most common accidents by increasing their awareness of vehicle dynamics so they learn their car's limitations, their own limitations, and gain a new respect for driving in general.

Eliminate the inherent communication barriers that exist between parents and their students, thereby making the parents more comfortable with their student's competence behind the wheel.

Make over-confident drivers realize they’re not as “in-control” as they thought they were.

Make under-confident drivers gain a new confidence in their abilities.

Help students AND THEIR PARENTS maximize on their insurance discount benefits.

... and in just that order of importance.