PTSA and School Testimonials
  “The kids become safer drivers, the PTSA makes money, and the school looks like a hero. Everyone wins!” – Patti Cain; PTSA
"Everytime the Accident Avoidance Workshops comes to Kell, I'm flooded with thank you emails from parents the following week!" - Trudie Donovan; Kell High School Principal
“I have been bombarded with thank you notes for bringing this training to our school.” - Diana Roman; PTSA

"Alex went to class kicking and screaming and saying we were "lame" for making him go. And he didn't like having to get up early on Sunday either. But when he waited until the last student left so he could hake your hand and thank you, that spoke volume about how much he enjoyed the class. Congratulation on not being lame!" - Karen Carter; PTSA

"I offered two of my good friends to reimburse their tuition if they don't love the class as much as we did." - Karen Carter; PTSA

“This is the coolest thing that’s ever happened to our school!” - Sabrina Aslam; PTSA

“We constantly get positive feedback from our parents for hosting the Workshops.” –Lisa Fine; McIntosh High School Principal